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DK LEE, August 5, 2022:
Had great hair cut from Massimo Very professional and sanitized clippers. Paying attention to the details. Looking forward to revisit.
The Barber Shop Vaughan Mills
Debra Bishop, June 4, 2022:
I was having problems with my loose skin and didn't know why or what to do about it. I was hesitant to go to Renovo skin & body care clinic in Vaughan after a friend recommended it, but I gave it a shot! I ended up getting the treatment, and the staff gave my skin a complete makeover. She then taught me about proper skincare and set me up with some great products that are working well. My skin has changed dramatically for the better. It hasn't been this firm in a long time. If you have skin problems, I would strongly advise you to visit this clinic. Everyone was extremely accommodating and made me feel at ease.
Renovo Skin & Body Care Clinic - Vaughan
Venkata Naga Saketh Emani, June 4, 2022:
Took my friend as he suffered a lower back sprain. Was attended by resident physio Geeta and he was able to recover from the chronic pain in a couplr of days with complete recovery in a week
Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre
rakesh reddy, June 2, 2022:
I recommend this place who have a pain in back, and chiropractor is very nice. She gave good assessment and treatment and tell you do some exercises every day. And they took me sameday appointment as well.
Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre
Hunter Jayden, May 28, 2022:
Horrible experience. And very difficult to get your money back. It does not state anything on the website about deposit/administrative fees. Tried to cancel and they did not give me a refund.
Renovo Skin & Body Care Clinic - Vaughan
Liza B, May 10, 2022:
This is a great salon! I am a blonde and have to upkeep my hair on a regular basis - and this is my go to spot. It’s hard to find bleach and tone for a reasonable price, and you can’t beat Yy salon for quality and competitive pricing. They also use great hair products and have plenty of excellent stylists (Katia, Rita). Ygal, the owner is really hospitable and very talented in his craft.
Yy Hair Salon

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