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Hong H, August 4, 2022:
20대 남자 다운펌, 컷 하로 리뷰가 좋아서 갔는데 다운펌도 안됐고 머리야 다시 돈 주고 하면되지만 제가 손님으로 갔는데 머리를 해주시는 과정에서도 너무 불친절하다 생각이 들 정도여서 그냥 컷은 안하고 나왔네요. 이 미용실 원장님이 해주신거 같은데 다운펌, 서비스가 너무 별로여서 저도 처음 리뷰 남깁니다.
우영선 미용실
1D fan for life Louis Tomlinson fan, June 14, 2022:
I went here to get my nails fixed and they turned out so good would recommend going she is a lovely lady and is so nice to talk to while having your nails done
Lisa Nina Nails
Hasain, May 17, 2022:
I had a men hair cut and I can tell she have a lot experience She did the best fade haircut absolutely fantastic I am very happy I am recommende har service I will go back again thanks jenny
Jenny's Hair Design
vera wang, May 2, 2022:
The best nail experience. The manicurist was very careful and warm-hearted. She knew that the quality of my nails was not very high and reminded me not to do some styles or I would get hurt! And they will adjust the nail art pattern on the original picture to suit me more according to their own ideas!
Salon de Fish
Hoda Lee, April 7, 2022:
I have been so impressed with the quality service at Vertex Aesthetic. Vanessa is very professional and friendly, and the facility is stunning. The Perfect dermapeel is exceptional and all of the skincare products they offer are incredible! Definitely worth checking out if you want to improve the quality of your skin.
Vertex Aesthetics
Rachana Mehta, March 6, 2022:
I was so apprehensive about laser hair removal.. Dr. Tam took over my anxiety and apprehension in no time.. I kept adding on my services because of the amazing results I kept getting.
Rejuvenate MD

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