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rachel majetic, August 14, 2022:
she makes people feel uncomfortable, harasses customers and won’t let clients leave her salon. 0/10.
Miraskin Studio
tamara baillie, June 22, 2022:
I would highly recommend Fresh Canvas for laser hair removal! The results were great and the staff were so friendly and accommodating.
Fresh Canvas Spa And Laser Centre
nancy sangha, June 22, 2022:
I booked a series of appointments last spring/summer of 2021 and never went back after the 5th treatment. Reasons are they always cancelled my pre booked appointments and was given the reason as “sorry we double booked”. Once or twice I can handle it but in the third time this was unacceptable. Then the lady didn’t really listen to what result I was going for and when I mentioned it to her in my third/fourth treatment she seemed lost. I finished what I prepaid for and never went back. (Spent two thousand)
Fresh Canvas Spa And Laser Centre
Andrea Urra Moya, June 18, 2022:
It was perfect to find this place. In my case I wanted a soft, natural botox and they did it. Very friendly people and very good hours. highly recommended.
Heights Laser Centre
Nathan Pongracz, June 17, 2022:
Marten from metrotown is the man! He took a man like me and made me look and feel handsome! Thanks Marten (hope I got spelling right) you made me feel like I was 20 and ready to club it. Great ideas for change. Never looked so good at 42! Loyal customer for life. PS : hot towel shave! Time to pamper ourselves boys! The best!
Man Cave Barber Shop
Stan Andes, June 17, 2022:
If I could give zero I would. I just had a haircut yesterday, after Ramsey (the barber) done he put gel on my hair so i didn’t notice that he messed up. When I got home I took a shower then I was so disappointed, just look at the pictures and you will see why and guess what I paid 30 for this haircut. Edit post: I remembered it was Ramses not Ramsey and that was last Monday June 13 around 12noon that chair is on the left row not sure if its 2nd or 3rd chair.
Man Cave Barber Shop

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